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To apply for the Advanced CPC designation, the candidate must:

  • Have been a professional childproofer for at least three (3) years when applying.
  • Have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • Agree to submit to a background check. 
  • Participate and be in good standing with the IAFCS group insurance program or an equivalent policy to insure general and professional liability insurance coverage for this industry.
  • Promise to adhere to the CPC Code of Ethics.
  • Submit application and pay associated fees.

To be eligible for the Advanced CPC designation, the candidate must:

  • Pass the background check. 
  • Pass the CPC exam.
  • Submit a minimum of 15 verifiable customer references from within the past year.
  • Document at least 15 Continuing Education Units.
  • Document a minimum of 1600 field hours in the last three (3) years.  A candidate may claim a maximum of 100 points of credit towards the required 1600 required points/hours from substitute categories.  A maximum of 150 hours are allowed from assessments/home evaluations.  An experienced CPC with at least 1600 hours of field experience may earn the A-CPC designation with recertification, along with fulfillment of other program requirements.
  • Submit and pass a written report based on one assessment/installation to completion.

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